About Keith

Hi, I’m Keith and I love taking pictures!

I used to be a web and graphic designer and did that for over a decade. I built and customized sites and logos for a lot of people and really enjoyed what I was doing. I worked with hobbyists building online communities for their passion projects, and designed message boards for musicians. Some really, really, big musicians. I also got to develop some communities for hockey and football teams. It was rewarding work, and I enjoyed the creativity involved.

I had a bit of a midlife crisis (which I hope wasn’t actually halfway through my life) and switched careers to work in the human services sector. I spent four and a half years empowering people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in residential and community settings. I most recently spent time teaching job skills to facilitate sustainable employment for people furthering their independence. That line of work was fulfilling, but it left me with an itch to express my creativity.

Enter my son, Henry, and my desire to photograph him. Since he was born in August 2019, I’ve been honing my eye and my results are now at a professional level.

I would love the opportunity to photograph your newborn, family get together, or anything else you have planned. Please look through my galleries and see if you like my style. Hire me for high quality pictures at a fraction of the price of other photographers in the area.

Reach out!